LAST Sunday, June 21, I accidentally dropped my phone (containing my bank card and most of my identity cards including my driving licence) as I had finished shopping at Home Bargains in St Helens.

I drove away for half a mile before realising that I didn’t have it with me.
An exceptionally kind gentleman had picked it up, informed cashier staff at the store, waited for my return and answered a phone call from my unsuspecting other half – who asked him whether the dogs had been fed or not.

I dashed back to the store and asked the cashiers whether anyone had any knowledge and they informed me that a man had picked it up and was somewhere thereabouts waiting for me.

I then found and spoke to the kind gentleman who was using his own time to help me. I didn’t get his name but he has a jazzy mini and works for the Post Office. 
I wanted to give him a hug but couldn’t obviously. Thank you very much indeed.

I would also like to thank the really kind lady who offered me her phone to use to ring my own phone and my family.

The staff at Home Bargains were also fabulous – especially the young cashier who had the patience of our saviour dealing with a panicking dithering wreck.

You tend to fear the worst in people, but St Helens is filled with nice, decent, helpful people.

Pauline Gerrard via contributed