CARR Mill Dam and the surrounding countryside are genuine beauty spots in St Helens.

With the lockdown, they have been a source of joy and wonder for an increasing number.

This, I feared, would lead to our cherished countryside getting littered with plastic bottles, wrappers and other detritus.

So, I was surprised to see the area immaculate every day.

I have now realised that this little miracle is not due to a disciplined public but to the unstinting efforts of one very kind, community-spirited and nature loving couple and their dogs.

Anita and Andrew walk the area every morning and often on an evening too, equipped with hand pickers and orange bags, to collect all the rubbish carelessly dropped or sometimes, deliberately deposited by people who fail to treat nature and others with respect.

The other day, Anita was filling her 82nd bag of rubbish in four weeks.

I probably failed to express how truly grateful I and many others are for their amazing work. They also deposit recycling boxes in strategic parts of the park to encourage compliance. and Anita will empty them on her next round.

Their three dogs are happy to help in the clear-up, jumping in the water to collect plastic bottles.

Anita attributes the idea to one of the dogs, who kept on bringing her discarded plastic bottles.

Martine Shepherd