IT’S disappointing that at a time of national crisis the local Green Party decided to produce party propaganda by claiming a trade deal with the United States would produce a threat to the NHS, drive up medicine prices and lower both animal welfare and environmental standards.

None of the Green Party’s assumptions and assertions have any basis in fact, reflect their dislike of the Trump administration and refusal to accept that the UK has left the European Union.

In particular they are seeking to perpetuate the myth propagated by Remainers that there would be a massive outflow of drugs to the USA if Brexit was passed.

The USA has poured billions of dollars into the development of a vaccine for COVID-19 by a French company.

The French government is seeking to restrict the distribution to itself at the expense of the USA.

In current negotiations the UK has already shown it will not accept anything that will damage the UK economy or environment, particularly chlorinated chicken and the products of factory farming.

We need more than sloganeering and the sound byte politics of the local Green Party to meet the challenges which face us.

Dr Philip R Thomas
Clock Face