THERE’S panic on the streets – I don’t know what to think
Things I see are making me think what world do we live in?

One day I’m in school learning the human body the next I’m being home-schooled by my mum and we don’t know when it will ever end.

My parents say: please don’t worry – all will be well. As long as we stay indoors the virus will go away. 

The virus worries me little, but I don’t know what it means.
My mum says keep your distance and always wash your hands too but I miss my family so dearly and friends at school.

I just wish things would go back to how they were before.

But don’t worry everyone, if we listen well the virus will clear up soon and our doors will be open to anyone with a virus free world. 

Keep safe everyone. Look after your loved ones

Reece Newton, age 9, from Parr