BARBARA sent a heartfelt note to all the staff working at the Emergency Department at Whiston Hospital which read: “I am over 70 and self isolating. 

“There is little I can do to help in this crisis. I have time to sit, think and pray. 

“My thoughts often turn to you who have to work on the front line.

"In ordinary circumstances you face many challenges but you are now faced with something there is not enough known about this horrid virus. 

“My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to  care for the most vulnerable. 

“You are ‘very special people’, whatever job you do, you are valued members of our wonderful NHS.

“I pray that you are kept safe and that none of you will be lost to this virus just for doing your job. Thank you for being there
 on the front line in this battle. May God strengthen, protect and bring you peace.” 

All of the staff at Whiston Emergency department would like to thank Barbara very much for thinking of them and the new challenges that they will face. 

We hope that Barbara remains well.

Emergency Department staff at Whiston Hospital