I JUST wanted to say a huge thank you to the lady who paid for my fuel at Haydock Tesco petrol station on Friday evening.

I was filling my car up, as I am a district nurse and have volunteered to do extra shifts due to staff shortages. 

I had just finished filling my tank when a lady who had been paying for her petrol in the garage shouted over to me and asked if I was a healthcare worker. 

When I replied that yes I was, she came a little closer and stretched her arm out to pass me some money. 

I refused politely and told her I didn’t want money as I was just doing my job, but this lovely lady wouldn’t take no for an answer and asked me to take £20 to pay for my petrol. 

This was a lovely act of kindness and made me feel so appreciated and proud of our community. 

I drove home in tears as her gesture had touched me so much.
 I hope she reads this so she knows how much this meant to me.

Name and address submitted