I WANT to congratulate a group of young men who have done, and are still doing, an excellent job of cleaning up Sutton Mill Dam. 

As I understand it they are using their own time and resources to make this beautiful place a pleasure to view.

The background is I have been nervous of walking our dog there because of some youths and people with dogs off the lead. 

My daughter was over from Australia and I wanted her to see the ducks etc.

I did not expect to see it looking as good as it did. 

There was a young man fishing and he took the time to show us a catch (which he gently returned to the water) and tell us what he and his friend were doing to bring this place of natural beauty back as it should be.

How amazing, I want to say thank you. When my daughters were young we lived by Carr Mill Dam. 

Both my daughters were over during the Christmas break and we took a nostalgic walk around the dam. How sad, it did not come anywhere near their fond memories of walks when they were little. 

I wish someone would step in and do what these guys have done at Sutton Mill Dam.

I did offer my help but they seem to have everything under control so all I can say is: ‘thank you!

Eileen George
via sthelensstar.co.uk