LAST Sunday my wife and I went to the St Helens Cineworld cinema and parked behind there in the designated area.

We went straight in and watched a very enjoyable Tom Hanks film and afterwards went straight back home. 

The film was advertised to start at 4.50pm and was due to last 1 hour and 49 mins, but as you will no doubt know the pre-film advertisements usually last around 20 to 30 mins also.

Fast forward to Tuesday and I received a parking charge notice from ParkingEye solutions with a charge of £100 with photographs of my car going in and out of the car park and stating that I had stayed there for 2 hours and 15 mins.

I am obviously going to appeal this notice and am pleased that I kept my receipts as evidence for the appeal.

I’m told that there was some reference in the Star recently regarding parking at the leisure complex (which set out the need to enter registration details at the cinema) but unfortunately I did not see this. 

The main concern I have is what is happening in this town. It’s going to become a ghost town because of parking restrictions and people will go elsewhere for their entertainment.

I wonder if the business owners have any influence over the parking facilities or are they even aware that the issue is driving away their customers?

Most people who use this complex, particularly ones with children may often go to Pizza Hut or Nandos afterwards and no doubt they will issued with parking fine letters.

I can see it killing the businesses around there.

Peter Vose, Moss Bank