IN response to the reader last week who mentioned litter.

My work takes me up to the town of Chorley once a week and that town puts St Helens to shame.

New and revamped parks, children’s play areas, new youth zone, newly expanded and refurbished town centre and little in the way of litter.

Last week I saw council workers picking litter, cleaning streets, planting trees.

St Helens is a disgrace by comparison. 

All I see is litter everywhere.

Some of the litter does come from the pink bags that residents have to leave out for the plastic waste. They blow over in the wind, whoever thought they were a good idea got that wrong.

All we see in St Helens is new housing being built in any available space.

The latest one on Knowsley Road opposite the Rivington Rd junction near completion is going to cause yet more traffic mayhem in an already congested area.

The new warehouses built in Haydock have been seen to be a total sham in terms of the job numbers that were promised, all of which was so predictable.

I would love to hire a coach and take our councillors up to Chorley for a visit and ask them why a small Lancashire town with the same issues as anywhere else can put St Helens to shame?

Mr T Tubton, Eccleston