IT makes me so sad to hear people talking down our town. 

We do have an issue in the town centre at the moment, but if businesses open up here instead of elsewhere we can sort it out.

Most people clothes shop online now, that’s gone. But restaurants, cafes, hair and beauty and nice venues to meet your friends in, that’s what we desperately need.

This is a good town, very well placed between Liverpool and Manchester. 

It’s daft that people would rather go to Warrington, but they’ve got this sussed and we need to get a move on.

It’s good to see affordable places like Cork and Dough, Momo’s and Sabroso taking the leap and opening up here, because we need more of that.

Also surely a wine bar, a nice venue you can go to with your friends, just like the Secret Garden, wouldn’t go amiss. 

Kayleigh Seddon 
Sutton Manor