WITH a General Election now on and the campaign machine from all sides about to kick off, can the candidates across the two St Helens seats be scrutinised in more detail? 

As the campaign commences and they become more local to their constituents, there should be little excuse from each and all of them, to be able to make a date in St Helens to outline their vision for the next five years under a government of their persuasion.

Could they be invited across two dates (St Helens North and St Helens South and Whiston) to attend a venue and be given a platform to tell the local electorate about their vision for the town and their stance on more national issues.

It doesn’t have to be a Q&A from an audience, if that would make some feel uncomfortable, but an opportunity to outline their plans in front of a first come first served audience of a few hundred.

I would pay to attend, as I am sure others would too if no public space was available.

The Star could even engage your readership to vote for the 3/5 topics they want each candidate to address.

That would be real democracy and give them an opportunity to tell us how they would tackle issues that are important to their voters – Brexit, anti-social behaviour, the town centre and the NHS, etc.

Kevin O’Brien, Hedworth Gardens, St Helens