HOW is that on two separate nights this past week some yob – or maybe a gang of them – have walked through town, smashed glass advertising panels and set fire to bins, destroying them.

It is soul destroying for the businesses trying to do their best in town and for the people who have to clean up the bits of glass and the fire damage.

But it is also depressing for us who have pride in our town – seeing it trashed like this. 

I don’t know what goes through the heads of these numbskulls, but it just shows you the effect of cutting police numbers.

Surely if there is a pattern of behaviour like this CCTV should be studied and then they should wait to catch them red-handed the next time they start trashing our town.

But the officers are over-stretched and chasing their tails.

The criminals and vandals are having a field day – from low level vandalism to serious drug dealing gangs.
We have paid our income tax to the government, but where is our service to the public.

I bet if they were smashing things up outside Downing Street and the Mall it would soon get stopped.

It makes me sick.

Mike Crawford, Dentons Green