THESE are the dramatic moments a woman had to be rescued from her car after she became trapped in floodwater.

The 45-year-old was stranded after her Citroen became submerged on Peasley Cross Lane following a torrential downpour on Tuesday (August 21).

A member of the public raised the alarm after seeing the car with water up to the headlights.

By the time firefighters arrived, around 15 minutes later, the floodwater was lapping against the windows.

In dramatic scenes, firefighters opened the car door and helped her onto the roof before she was taken to dry land on an inflatable raft.

She was checked over by paramedics and although very wet, she was unharmed.

Watch Manager Jason Hannah, from St Helens Community Fire Station and attended the call-out, said: “The firefighter opened a car door and supported her onto the roof.

"The water was just below the window line when we arrived but the water level continued to rise.

“There was a railway bridge above the car but the car was not floating in the water and the bridge was high above the vehicle.

“Around 50 metres of the area was flooded. All firefighters are trained in still water rescue for situations such as this. The lady thanked us for helping her.” The Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service control room had two other calls before 2.50pm from people concerned about the potential for flooding in the St Helens area including some flooding in Knowsley Road on the roadway where no vehicles or people were at risk.

Washway Lane was also hit by ankle deep water, just off Green Leach Lane.

And commuters travelling home to St Helens from Liverpool will face delays, after flooding in Garswood, meant they will have to get a replacement bus from Huyton through to Wigan North Western.

Journeys are expected to be delayed by 30 minutes, until further notice.