I WAS wondering if your Star readers could help me with a query over what was on the site of the now Tesco superstore in St Helens... the one next to Langtree Park.

Only last weekend my mum and dad were up there shopping when they crossed the bridge over the road towards Tesco when my dad noticed a young lad of about 13/14 coming towards him.

What made him look at this kid was the fact that the kid had grey hair! As he passed, my dad said to my mum "did you see that kid’s hair?"

To which my mum replied "what kid?"

When they both turned round there was nobody on the bridge.

My dad was shocked, he said there was nowhere this kid could have disappeared so quick.

He even checked over the sides of the bridge nobody there.

My mum had said she felt a cold breeze down one side as this kid passed but put it down to the weather. But she didn't see a thing.

As you can imagine my dad was a little shook up by this.

My parents are quite young so I know it's not senility setting in and my dad doesn’t believe in ghosts and the supernatural but he is adamant he saw a ghost.

Are there any accounts of anybody seeing anything or if there is any history surrounding this area!

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Lisa Fraser, Stockbridge Village, Liverpool