DAVID Cameron appeared on TV shooting from the hip again, this time on the revelations that stand-up comic Jimmy Carr had used an off-shore tax scheme to avoid paying the full rate of U.K. tax which saved him millions.

The prime minister said that although this scheme was entirely legal he questioned the morals behind it and his chancellor a few weeks ago called such schemes morally repugnant.

However a few hours later our prime minister had changed his stance having realised that out of the thousands using such loopholes many would be his friends and some would be sat on the green and red benches of Parliament, which would cause serious embarrassment if they were revealed.

To me this raises serious questions about our tax system as multi-millionaires and corporate companies can pay nothing to society or even care about how the state pays for the services we need and expect for a civilised society.

How can it be right that a pensioner has to pay tax on a meagre pension while the super rich can get away Scot free?

Gordon Brown promised to close all these loopholes prior to being elected and yet 13 years later there were more tax dodges than ever... in fact the tax avoidance industry was thriving working out even more ingenious schemes to help their well-heeled clients avoid tax, always staying one step ahead of the Inland Revenue.

To make matters worse the new coalition government has sacked thousands from the IR as part of the austerity measures to save money, while billions of pounds in fraud and these clever schemes goes uncollected at the same time as ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet.

Maybe that old saying "There’s one rule for us and one rule for them” comes to mind,after all we are all in this together.

Harry Bradbury, Loughrigg Avenue.