SINGER songwriter Stephen Smith has released his new album Next Train to Nowhere, featuring a track he hopes will raise awareness of the horror of Hillsborough.

Liar, Liar was written by the lifelong Liverpool FC fan about two years ago.

It expresses the 40-year-old’s disgust towards the article ‘The Truth’, which was printed in the Sun newspaper following the Hillsborough disaster.

Following the album’s release, a couple of Stephen’s friends posted a link to the song on a Liverpool fan forum.

Since then, Stephen, a printer who lives in Clock Face, has had a strong response from other Reds.

There has been a growing internet campaign to encourage fans to download the track this month, to coincide with the anniversary of Hillsborough. This has spurred the record company to release it as a single.

It is hoped any resulting publicity and chart success will raise awareness for the campaign seeking justice for the Hillsborough 96.

Any profits Stephen makes will be donated to the Hillsborough Support Group.

Stephen was formerly in the band, Glasschild, which achieved some success playing to large audiences across England and Spain.

Following Glasschild’s split, Stephen has started working with friend and fellow musician, John Kettle.

Next Train to Nowhere is the fruit of that partnership.

Access it at purpularrecords.bandcamp.

com/album/next-train-to-nowhere, or visit