A JUDGE has outlawed a chain of stores from selling substances which could lead to the production of illegal drugs.

Dr Hermans Salsa shop on Westfield Street, St Helens was one of six outlets in the North made the subject of an interim order, which police had sought under anti-social behaviour legislation.

Following a hearing at St Helens Magistrates’ Court, district Judge Ian Lomax imposed the conditions that the stores must not knowingly sell, encourage or supply “feminised cannabis seed”, which under current law is not illegal.

This restriction applies only to the retail outlets but not their internet site.

They must also not knowingly possess or sell products containing the hallucinogen DMT.

The owner of the chain is Sean Ellman, son of Liverpool Riverside MP Louise.

Mr Ellman also has stores in Liverpool and Warrington, where the conditions also apply.

In what was described as an “unusual case”, Judge Lomax said that the order would remain in place until midnight on January 19.