SANDRA Norbury, from Fingerpost, was the first to get in touch with the right answer regarding these two photographs.

The first was the Co-op building on Higher Parr Street in Fingerpost, which she used to explore as a child.

Martin Taylor also chatted, for his aunt used to work in the tearooms within the Co-op.

Richard Waring from Parr, now exiled in Haydock, added: “I think your photo this week is the Co op at the corner of Travis Street and Higher Parr Street/ Jackson Street.

“Gill Bond’s shop was to the right, near the Parr Dog Cinema, 4p entrance.

“The boss had a 1935 Austin 7. Blue and Green I think it was. All us kids gave a big cheer when he arrived, knowing we hadn’t long to wait to see Johnny Mac Brown sort out the Red Indians (think ethnic cleansing now!)

“Also Dan Dare in his Rocket to the Moon. Some of the details then were not far from that used in 1969.”

Kevin Finney adds: “By the way it’s not the Co-op building that really holds memories. It’s what was inside.

“Never worried about money security! It had the overhead pulley system that used to shoot the cash around the building to an office at the back. Many a friend used to pop inside and grab the arm to send the containers around the room.”

The other photo was the fondly-remembered Rivoli cinema on Corporation Street, where the Millennium Centre now stands, almost opposite the Hippodrome.

Kevin Finney says: “There were a few shops fronting as well leading to Shaw Street. There was a musical store. Our wedding photographers, Brunskill, had a shop there.”