AN ANIMAL charity has seen a wave of warm-hearted responses from readers following a story featured in the Star about an abandoned kitten.

Kitten Karers, which has a shop on Junction Lane in Sutton, was appealing for help from people to help donate towards their cause, including contributing towards medical bills for the kitten.

The cat, which was suffering from a prolapsed rectum, had been dumped near KFC in St Helens.

Volunteers at Kitten Karers stumped up more than £400 on the latest operation for the kitten, but desperately need donations if they are to continue.

Jacqueline Day from the charity said: “I want to thank all the kind people who have given money, including the person who recently gave us a £50 cheque.”

You can donate cat food in special bins at Haydock, Earlestown and Clock Face.