Results: Under 13: Clock Face Miners 9 Rivington 0, Knowsley South 0 St Annes Rovers 8, Longview Juniors 0 Nalgo 3, Milton Juniors 0 Blackbrook 5, Rainhill United 3 Lane Ends Athletic 1, Whiston Juniors 3 Bold Miners 5

Under 11: Blackbrook 3 Whiston Juniors 2, Penlake Juniors 1 Motive Rainhill 0, Rainhill Rocket 2 Widnes Wolves 8, Rainhill United 6 Pilkington 0, St Annes Rovers 2 Bleak Hill Rovers 3


Sunday, October 17

Under 13: Blackbrook v Nalgo, Bold Miners v Knowsley South, Lane Ends Athletic v Whiston Juniors, Milton Juniors v Rainhill United, Rivington v Longview Juniors, St Annes Rovers v Clock Face Miners

Under 11: Bleak Hill Rovers v Blackbrook, Knowsley South v Widnes Wolves, Motive Rainhill v Rainhill Rocket, Pilkington v St Annes Rovers, Whiston Juniors v Penlake Juniors.

St Helens McDonald's JOL


Under 16 Cup Round Robin: Rainhill United 3 Whiston Juniors (U16) 3, Whiston Juniors (U15) 0 Blackbrook Juniors 2.

Under 14 Cup First Round First Leg: Blackbrook Juniors 8 Knowsley South 3, Pilkingtons 1 Whiston Juniors 5, Bleak Hill Rovers 0 Rocket Juniors 5, St Annes Rovers 10 Clock Face 0

Under 12 Cup First Round First Leg: Blackrook Juniors 4 Rivington 2, Bleak Hill Rovers 10 Knowsley South 0.


Sunday, October 17

Under 16: Clock Face v Whiston Juniors (U15), Rainhill United v Blackbrook Juniors.

Under 14: Blackbrook Juniors v Rainhill United, Milton Juniors v Whiston Juniors, Knowsley South v Rainford Rangers, St Annes Rovers v Clock Face, Bleak Hill Rovers v Lane Ends Athletic, Pilkingtons v Rocket Juniors.

Under 12: Motive Rainhill v Rainhill United, Carr Mill v Knowsley South, St Annes Rovers v Bleak Hill Rovers, Whiston Juniors v Blackbrook Juniors, Rivington v Rocket Juniors.

Combination Results

St Helens Star Premier Division: Carrs Hotel 4 Shoe 0, The Dragon 5 Sidac Social 0, Old Congs 2 Eccleston United 2, Dentons Green 0 York 0, Stars 6 Clock Face Miners 1, Rainford North End 0 Hotel Windle 1.

Booths Mechanical Division One: Rifle 1 Prescot Leisure Reserves, The Dragon Reserves 1 Pilkington A 2, Roundhouse 1 British Lion 3, Junction 2 Sony 5, Gerard Arms 1 Globe 2.

Hatton Travel Division Two: Real Gate 4 Carbo Eagles 4, Boilermakers 9 Cricketers 2, New Street 2 Dentons Green Reserves 0, Lingley 1 Rainford North End Reserves 6.


Saturday, October 16

St Helens Hospital Cup Round One: Roundhouse v Dentons Green (P Stevenson), Shoe v Prescot Leisure Reserves (G Strange), Rifle v Old Congs (G O'Brien), Carbo Eagles v Hotel Windle (P Forrest), Sony v Carrs Hotel (C Tunstall), Sidac Social v The Dragon (N Hanmer), Boilermakers v New Street (A Beesley), Cricketers v Top Nogs (K Daly), Pilkington A v Orange House (M Cammack), Clock Face Miners Welfare v Lingley (E Brady), Saracens Head v Rainford North End (R Deakin), York v West Park Eccy's (B Dixon), The Stars v OCS (G Birchall), Globe v Real Gate (P Russell), Junction v Eccleston United (I Foxcroft).

Northern Cup Round One: Hindley Celtic v British Lion, Coppull Celtic v Rainford North End Reserves.