2004 has been a memorable season for Knowsley Safari Park and the season isn't over yet!

Star readers can still enjoy a great half-term, half-price day out at the attraction by taking advantage of our great Star offer. (see this week's paper for voucher).

You'll be one of around 500,000 people this year to have enjoyed major new developments including a number of new high profile animal attractions and the launch of the park's new education centre, Knowsley Safari School.

The arrivals include the two elephant toddlers born last year, Ashanti and Nala, who can be seen in the jumbo nursery. David Ross, Park General Manager, commented, "Whether you're a first time visitor or you've been here many times before, the park will be equally special this half term. The park is now better than ever and autumn can be a great time to enjoy it."

Knowsley's 500 mammals include rhinos, camels, buffalo, bison, wildebeest, lions, tigers, zebra, baboons, monkeys, deer, antelopes, wallabies, otters and meerkats.

Although the baboons are one of the most popular animals, other must-see attractions at the park include sealion and parrot shows, fun fair rides and a walk-around animal area where elephants, giraffe, meerkats and otter can be viewed at close quarters.

The park is open daily from 10am. For more details ring the 24 hour information line on 0151 430 9009 or log on to: