A NINE-year-old UFO spotter yelled "the aliens are coming!" when he noticed strange lights hovering near his home.

Eagle-eyed Tom Cooke snapped the disc like objects on his mobile phone near his Eccleston home on Tuesday (February 16) at around 9.45pm.

The Bleak Hill pupil’s pictures come at the same time as files released by the Ministry of Defence, which suggest thousands of UFO sightings across England over the last 20 years.

Tom, who admitted to being excited and a little scared by the experience, explained: “ It was about 9.45pm and I spotted the first over Kiln Lane. I shouted to my mum the aliens are coming!

“They were silver and orange with about ten or eleven little ones close by. They hovered for about ten minutes, then jetted off.”

Asked about what he thought they could have been, Tom was convinced, saying confidently: “I think they were flying saucers.”