WITH summer having officially started, St Helens has seen some very warm weather over recent days.

Today, Monday, the sun is out again with temperatures expected to reach the mid 20s Celsius at their peak.

Clouds are expected from around lunch-time.

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It is set to be a warm one through the working week, especially the early part, with temperatures in the 20s expected tomorrow and Wednesday, before there will be a slight drop of the mercury in thermometers from Thursday.

St Helens Met Office forecast for Monday

11am: 20C

Noon: 21C

1pm: 23C

2pm: 24C

3pm: 24C

4pm: 25C

5pm: 25C

6pm: 23C

7pm: 22C

8pm: 21C

9pm: 20C

10pm: 19C

11pm: 18C


Meanwhile, Tuesday is set for top temperatures of 22 degrees, with some cloud by night-time, with the peak in the afternoon between 1pm and 5pm.

Wednesday will see peaks of 25C, again in the afternoon, at around 4pm, with cloud set for early evening.

On Thursday, top temperatures fall to 19C, possibly with some light rain, and 17C on Friday.