Manchester Airport has announced it was hit by a “major power cut” this morning (June 23) with a “significant number of flights” at risk of being “delayed or cancelled”.

The airport posted a statement this morning on its official X, formerly Twitter, account, informing passengers of the power cut.

It said: “Manchester Airport was affected by a major power cut in the area earlier this morning. This has caused widespread disruption and a significant number of flights, particularly from Terminal 1 and 2, are expected to be delayed or cancelled.

“Passengers due to travel from Terminal 1 or 2 today are advised to contact their airlines for up-to-date information before coming to the airport.

“Passengers due to fly from Terminal 3 should come to the airport as normal unless advised otherwise by their airline but could be affected by delays.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and aim to restore normal service as soon as possible.”

Power outage at Manchester Airport causes 'chaos'

Passengers have said the situation at the airport has caused "chaos".

One said: “Power outage at Manchester Airport this morning & it’s chaos. Hundreds queuing for check in & security”.

Another said: “Thank goodness I am going home now but I feel so sorry for all those poor people at Manchester Airport can't believe one power cut could cause such CHAOS”.

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Manchester Airport provides update for passengers

Manchester Airport has issued another statement, posting it to its X account at 7.45am today.

The airport said: “Following the power cut that affected Manchester Airport and the surrounding area earlier this morning, passengers due to travel from Terminals 1 and 2 are advised to contact their airlines before coming to the airport as a number of flights are likely to be cancelled.

“Power has been restored and we are working to get those passengers already at the airport onto flights as soon as possible.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Our customer service and resilience teams are working hard to keep passengers in the airport updated, along with our airline colleagues.

“Passengers flying from Terminal 3 should come to the airport as usual, although flights are subject to some delays.”