MARK and Stephenie Wicks have been together for ten years.

They met when Mark was a bus driver on Stephenie’s bus to college and the rest, as they say, is history.

They tied the knot earlier this month at Mercure Haydock in front of 40 close family and friends.

Here, Stephenie, who is 27, and Mark, who is 42, and live in Sutton Manor, tell us their wedding story, in their own words.

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The bride and groom with Mary and Fred, Marks parents, and Tracey and Stephen, Stephs parents (Weddings by Mark)

The bride and groom with Mary and Fred, Mark's parents, and Tracey and Stephen, Steph's parents (Weddings by Mark)

When and how did you meet?

Mark: We met in the summer of 2014. I was a bus driver and Steph was going to and from college. I drove the local bus that went past Stephenie’s house into St Helens.

What did you think of each other when you first met?

Mark: We both didn’t think much at all at the time. It was an unlikely friendship that developed and then an unlikely relationship. Neither of us had planned for a friendship or relationship. It naturally found its way to us. With the 15-year age gap, neither of us chased each other.

Where and when did you get engaged?

Mark: We got engaged on Stephenie’s 18th birthday – June 6, 2015 - at Formby beach.

How did one of you propose?

Stephenie: There was no one knee proposal. We were sitting on the side of a sand dune eating a tray of chips. Mark is not a romantic person - to me, this what I liked. It was just him all over - no romance but comical. Then shortly after me saying yes, Mark fell into the sand dune.

What was the date of the wedding and reception?

Stephenie: We got married on Thursday, June 6.

Mason and Maddison, the ring bearer and flower girl (Weddings by Mark)

Mason and Maddison, the ring bearer and flower girl (Weddings by Mark)

What was the location of the wedding and reception?

Mark: We got married at Mercure Haydock.

How were you feeling on the morning of your wedding?

Stephenie: I was fine until the doors opened and I started to walk down the aisle and could see everybody looking at me. I could see Mark at the end of the aisle with a tear in his eye, trying his hardest to hold back his softer side that I know he has.

Mark: I was a nervous wreck! I was getting stressed as I wanted everything to be perfect for Stephenie’s fairytale wedding day. Not only was it our wedding day, it was Stephenie’s birthday. Seeing the set up for the wedding and the venue had me flooded with emotion. Full tears of happiness, yet a nervous wreck!

How would you describe your wedding?

Stephenie: It was a fairytale! It was something we both never thought would never happen. It couldn’t have gone any better - seeing everybody there sharing such a momentous occasion. Mark surprised me with a birthday surprise. He had arranged to bring a birthday cake with sparkling candles and a large bouquet of flowers while everybody sang happy birthday to me. How he managed to pull this off without me knowing I have no idea! It topped off the day for me. Mark very rarely shows his romantic softer side, but when he does, he doesn’t hold back.

Blossom, Marks granddaughter, and the couples flower girl (Linda Powell)

Blossom, Mark's granddaughter, and the couple's flower girl (Linda Powell)

How many guests did you have?

Mark: It wasn’t a big wedding. In total we had about 60 guests in the evening. During the ceremony and wedding breakfast we had 40 guests, as this was the intimate part of the day.

What did your guests eat?

Mark: It was a three course meal. Starter was a mature cheddar cheese tartlet with pickled grapes and watercress. Main was braised feather blade of beef with creamed potatoes, smoked bacon and baby onion jus. Dessert was glazed lemon tart with raspberry sorbet and vanilla sauce.

Did you have a first dance? If so, what was the song and why did you choose it?

Stephenie: We had a first dance to Rod Stewart’s Have I told you lately that I love you.

Simply, we both liked it, although when researching a first dance song, we both put a list of songs together, spent about three months shortlisting everything and then we both agreed on that song.

Did you have speeches? How did they go?

Stephenie: There were only two speeches - the groom and best man. Both speeches went really well. It was during his groom’s speech that Mark did his birthday surprise. Everybody looking and singing to me was just perfect and magical.


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Best mans speech by Robert Elliott (David Powell)

Best man's speech by Robert Elliott (David Powell)

What are your favourite memories of the day?

Stephenie: Getting ready with my bridesmaids Grace and Abbie-Maire. My dad walking me down the aisle as I didn’t think he would be there to do it. My birthday surprise by Mark. Walking down the aisle and seeing Mark, tearful at the end waiting for me.

Mark: Everything! Although, several things do stand out for me as extra special. Seeing Stephenie for the first time in her wedding dress is something I would never had imagined as Steph is someone who practically lives in her PJs. My grandkids Mason, Maddie and Blossom walking down as ring bearer and flower girls. Also, during our first dance, my youngest grandchild Blossom, came and joined us on the dancefloor for a dance.

Tell us a little bit about your outfits on the day

Stephenie: My wedding dress was white with silver sequins with a long train. I tried on about five or six dresses before I chose this one. Although at the time I didn’t plan on getting the wedding dress when I did as it was early in the planning but when I tried on the dress and looked in the mirror, I just knew I had to get that dress. No waiting, I got it there and then. I had to hide it at my mum’s house so Mark couldn’t see it or be tempted to sneak a look before the big day. The bridesmaids’ dresses were blush pink. Mark handmade the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

Mark: Suit planning was simple and easy. I’m a man and clothing doesn’t take long. Originally, I wanted a pair of jeans and an Iron Maiden t-shirt, but went for a three-piece navy blue suit with blush pink ties. I handmade the boutonnieres for the men.

Did you go on honeymoon? Where did you go?

Mark: For our honeymoon we went to Costa Dorada, which is between Barcelona and Valencia. It was special, with it being our honeymoon, but it was also the very first time we had both travelled abroad.

A honeymoon toast (Mark and Stephenie Wicks)

A honeymoon toast (Mark and Stephenie Wicks)

Please tell us a little bit about the things you have in common. Why do you love each other?

Stephenie: We have nothing in common whatsoever. There’s a 15-year age gap, which probably shouldn’t work, but it does and that’s what makes it special. We couldn’t be more opposite to each other. Why do I Iove him? I love Mark’s sense of humour. He thinks he’s funny but a lot of the time he’s not that’s what makes it funny and he makes me laugh. He’s rough around the edges but he has a big soppy heart when it comes out. He’s hardworking, devoted and caring. He never lets a day go by without telling me he loves me. It’s the first thing he says in the morning and the last thing at night.

Mark: Why do I love her? I’ve never thought about that before. I just do. Stephenie is perfect in every way. She’s strong mind, devoted and for some reason worships the ground I walk on. I couldn’t have asked for a better person than Steph - she’s my rock and my true north.

Why did you want to get married?

Mark: Well, Steph kept on about it for years since she got her engagement ring. I suppose what did it in the end was losing our daughter, Evelyn. We realised then, life isn’t guaranteed for eternity and we wanted to spend every last minute together. It brought us together and closer than we both could have imagined. We both knew for sure in our hearts that we wanted to be together forever. So, we became man and wife.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your day or your relationship?

Stephenie: Our day couldn’t have happened as smoothly as it did without the support and help from the wedding planners at Mercure Haydock - Nicky, Sam and Hannah. They all helped keep our nerves together. Not forgetting Kelly from Cakes by Design - she did a fantastically beautiful and tasty wedding cake - and our photographer Weddings by Mark.