A ONCE booming pub that was the heart of the community has fallen into disrepair and become a frequent spot for fly-tipping.

Located along Station Road in Garswood, The Stag Hotel was one of the most popular venues in the area for decades.

It was a frequent meeting point for residents in the small but tight-knit community, but since closing its doors, it has become a symbol of the village's struggles in recent years.

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The once-bustling Stag has been closed down since November 2022The once-bustling Stag has been closed down since November 2022 (Image: St Helens Star)
With the Stag closing down in November 2022, it is one of several venues that has shut (or is shutting) its doors in Garswood in recent years, which includes the village nursey and library, as well as the Conny Club and Village Club.

This has left many residents feeling like they are being left behind in Garswood, and as the Stag has fallen into disrepair, despite being such a popular location, the neglected site sums up this feeling for many people.

In May 2023, it was confirmed that the Stag would not operate as a pub again as St Helens Council approved planning permission for the site to be turned into a Tesco Express convenience store.

While the conversion from a pub to a mini-supermarket angered some, others believed that it is better to have the site open and supporting the local economy, rather than remain derelict.

There have been frequent reports of fly tipping at the StagThere have been frequent reports of fly tipping at the Stag (Image: St Helens Star)
However, what has united most in Garswood is the shared frustration of how the Stag site has been left.

Although planning permission was agreed 13 months ago, the site has remained untouched since and there have been frequent reports of vandalism at the now boarded-up building.

As the site has remained unoccupied, it has also become a frequent fly-tipping spot as residents regularly see rubbish and waste dumped around the pub building and car park.

Waste dumped at the StagWaste dumped at the Stag (Image: Cllr Peers)
Residents say they have reported their concerns with St Helens Council's Environmental Health team.

Thistlewood Properties, the property developer who submitted the convenience store plans, have also told residents that the waste will be "remove[d] as soon as we are able [to]".

The developers also said that they are planning to erect a perimeter with fencing around the Stag in readiness for a start on site later this month.