PLANS to demolish and rebuild part of a church spire have been given the green light.

An application proposing the work to the spire at St Peter’s CofE Church, on Broad Oak Road, Parr, has been approved subject to conditions.

The Star reported after a separate application in relation to the works had been withdrawn but the project has now been rubber-stamped under the approved plans.

A preliminary construction method statement was prepared to accompany the planning application to partly demolish and rebuild the church spire.

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It says the spire will be fully scaffolded, and a close inspection of the spire stonework will be made by the architect, structural engineer and stonemason.

It adds: “This survey will be documented in a report containing the findings with photographs, drawings, etc. The amount of new stone required will be compared to the assumed amounts in the tender documents, which are based on reports and videos of the steeplejacks. Any variations will be incorporated into the contract documents.

“On completion of the demolition work, the spire will be rebuilt using salvaged stone and new matching stone. Individual stones will be replaced in the same position where they were found.

“The works will be regularly inspected throughout the construction phase by the architect and structural engineer, and site meetings will be held at 4-weekly intervals. The completed works will be subject to a final inspection prior to dismantling the scaffold.”