A BRAIN tumour fighter who discovered she had the disease when pregnant has found a way to thank the hospital helping her by giving away two Taylor Swift tickets.

Laura Mahon, 31, from Lea Green, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumour in September 2021 when she was 27 weeks pregnant.

Doctors originally believed the baby was pressing on a nerve, but she was sent to The Walton Centre for an MRI scan; which led to the discovery of the tumour.

She and her husband Danny made the toughest decision of their lives; and opted to bring their daughter into the world at 30 weeks.

On November 30, 2021, Sienna Grace Laura Mahon was born, weighing just 3.4lbs, at Warrington Hospital.


St Helens Star:

Since then Laura has undergone surgery, radiotherapy and back to back courses of chemotherapy and alternative treatments to try to keep the tumour from progressing any further.

One of the things keeping Laura - who won the Pride of St Helens 2023 Courage Award - going is setting goals, one of which was going to see Taylor Swift in Anfield on June 13, having booked tickets a year ago – not knowing if she would still be here to go.

However, due to her condition she has accessed accessible tickets, and is now raffling off her original tickets in aid of Clatterbridge.

She said: “I’ve recently had a set back where the radiotherapy I’d had which strabilised me for a while has stopped working, so I’m now back on chemotherapy.

“For me life is about creating memories, and I love Taylor Swift so it’s amazing that I’m going to see her again after being told that statistically I wouldn’t be.

(Image: Dave Gillespie)

“The general admission tickets are now sold out so I’m selling my original tickets now I’ve got accessible ones in aid of Clatterbridge because they literally have been keeping me going.

“So far the total raised is more than £4,500 and I’m so excited to raise as much as we can.

“Those wanting a chance to win them can pay £10 on PayPal with all the funds going to Clatterbridge and apply as many times as they want, on Saturday at midnight we will select one of the payments as the winner who will be told at 8pm on Sunday (July 9).

“Music is a uniting thing and hopefully through the love of Taylor Swift we can help a hospital that really helps save and prolong lives.”

Laura documents her journey via her Instagram page @lauradowntherabbithole

To take part in the raffle, go to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/lozdowntherabbithole?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB