A FIT and healthy physiotherapist feels like he is dying and is a shadow of his former self after seeking Covid vaccines.

Former Saints physio Adam Rowland was working in the USA as a self-employed consultant to some high-profile golfers on the PGA Tour.

When the tour got shut down due to Covid, he came home as the US borders were closed and got a job with Warrington Wolves as a physio.

Since then, his life has been turned upside down after doing what he believed to be his duty in listening to national health advice.

“I saw all the Government news broadcasts saying this was a deadly disease and to do the right thing and protect grandma, so I never wanted to think I could pass on this new disease and it be my fault if someone’s loved one died,” the 50-year-old explained.

“I took it at face value. They said it was safe and effective. I was as fit as a fiddle before and never had a reaction to any medicine or medical procedure previously.

“I was sick with all kinds of strange reactions immediately after the first AstraZeneca vaccine with insomnia, nerve pains in my arm and leg, heart palpitations and missed beats, lying vertigo and sleep fits.

“I was off work for nearly two months then returned to work, and as no one had considered it was the vaccine, I ended up having the second AstraZeneca dose.

“Straight away over the next week, I developed chest pains and severe dizziness episodes. I had to call an ambulance as I was struggling to breathe, sweating with severe chest pain.

“I thought I was having a heart attack and going to die. I then knew 100 per cent it had to have been the vaccine.”

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Adam, who now lives in Glazebury, had more severe episodes and was progressively getting sicker month by month and developing more problems.

“I had face rashes, jaundice, blurred vision, developed tinnitus, muscle and nerve pains off the charts and full body muscle twitching,” he continued.

“My nerve pains in my legs at this point were so severe, and with up to 15 fits a night, I could not sleep for more than two hours if I was lucky.

“My chest pain became constant, I became more breathless and could not walk on some days.

“By November 2021, I was so sick I was calling my GP every week begging for help. They could see how sick I was but did not know what was going on.

Adam was formerly a rugby physio for St Helens, Warrington Wolves and the England national team

Adam was formerly a rugby physio for St Helens, Warrington Wolves and the England national team

“I was so poorly that, despite offers of support from Warrington Wolves, I had to resign from my position as due to my performance, I knew I was unable to do my job and was letting the team down.”

Adam who formerly lived in Sutton, and also used to be a rugby physio at Saints and the England national team, collapsed at home in May 2022 – a whole year after the vaccine – and spent more than a month in hospital.

“I was gaslighted again and again and needed more ambulances and ended up back in hospital,” he explained.

“I decided to pay for two private opinions for my heart and lungs at a top hospital in the country in London. I felt like I was dying most days with my heart episodes and pain.

“The consultants told me that it was the vaccine that had caused this, and that they had seen 239 cases like this.

“I was diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy, multi system inflammatory syndrome and suspected myopathy muscle disease.

“I had lost 20kgs of weight and was having problems with my speech and swallow.

“The consultants said I had the same immune pattern found in the organs at autopsy of deceased Covid-19 patients.

“I was referred on the NHS to a vascular surgeon who said I had small blood vessel disease, and it was like someone who has smoked 60 cigarettes a day all their life.”

Adam has slammed the care he received from the NHS, as well as the Government for its actions since his vaccinations.

“My care, or lack of it, on the NHS has been appalling. Consultants did not know what to do and the NHS works at a snail’s pace,” he said.

“An NHS long Covid specialist said that as I am vaccine injured, I am not eligible to be treated in the clinic, and because I am ‘too complex’, they think I should be referred to yet another doctor.

“I would not wish how I have been treated on another living thing. Would they say to somebody with cancer, sorry you’re too complex and we cannot see you in our clinic?”

He says his whole body has continued to deteriorate, his kidney function is getting worse and he has heart disease.

Adam is now a shadow of his former self

Adam is now a shadow of his former self

“Prior to this, as I was so fit, I looked young for my age. Now I look 10 years older,” he continued.

“I am getting weaker and weaker and losing more weight and developing more symptoms. I am housebound the majority of the time other than hospital appointments.

“I am not well enough to go out socially or shop and I am very concerned for the future. I do not want to be a burden on anyone, but at this rate I do not think my body will last another three years with the way things have gone.

“Our Government and NHS are leaving me and many like me like this.

“We did what was asked, and when it goes wrong and you have lost everything, they do not care and are essentially leaving us to die. They do not want to know.

“Myself and fellow vaccine sufferer John Watt confronted Rishi Sunak live on GB News’ Prime Minister’s question time in February.

“After promises to look into it, Mr Sunak has not returned any of my calls or emails.

“The Government told us it was safe and effective and to do the right thing. They knew there were going to be people who would unfortunately get injured by these vaccines.

“Other countries stopped using the AstraZeneca Vaccine straight away, yet it continued to be used in the UK for months afterwards.”

Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols has brought his case up in Parliament.

Speaking in the House of Commons, she said: “My constituent Adam Rowlands recently met the Prime Minister, who promised live on television, no less, that he would be in touch with him regarding his negative reaction to the Covid vaccine and his difficulty accessing the recommended treatment on the NHS.

“Since then, despite repeated requests, Adam has had no response from anyone in Government and feels like he is being treated as some sort of pariah and anti-vax conspiracy theorist.

“He is not. He is just a man who did the right thing in taking up the vaccine and was one of the unfortunate minority who became ill, and he needs some support.

“Will the Leader of the House please help Adam get the response he was promised?”

Adams health problems started following his doses of a Covid vaccine

Adam's health problems started following his doses of a Covid vaccine

In response, House of Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt said: “Of course I will do that.

“If the honourable lady gives me the details, I will follow it up straight after this session.

“Those who are injured by vaccines need access to support, healthcare and answers, and we should ensure that they get them.”

Adam is calling for a formal acknowledgement of people harmed by the vaccines, with research and treatment centres set up for people with a brand new pathophysiology of disease.

He added: “Why would anyone ever trust this Government if they abandon you after doing as they asked?

“My message to the Government is how would you feel if this had happened to you or your family member?

“It has been three years, and we as a group have continuously made contact with the Government and government agencies.

“We know they know about us, yet they choose to ignore us and leave us to rot.

“I could not be more angry and disgusted at how the Government has treated us. It shows me an overall disregard for human life and humility and respect.”

Ms Nichols added: “When politicians make promises, it is important that we keep to them.

“The Prime Minister made a promise to Adam, and so of course I have chased it up to ensure that it is not forgotten.

“While the vast majority of people who followed the public health recommendations had no adverse impact from the vaccines, the very small numbers who did must receive the support and care that they deserve.”

The Warrington Guardian approached the Department of Health and Social Care for a statement.

It said that it was unable to comment on criticisms of the Prime Minister due to the country being in a pre-general election period.