A FORMER Liverpool nightclub is reopening as a rock and metal club.

The Krazyhouse based on Wood Street in Liverpool city centre opened in the 1990s and was popular for playing indie, rock and alternative music before it closed in 2018.

The original Krazyhouse left behind a musical legacy which lives long in the memory of music fans, having played host to some of the nation’s leading bands before they became huge deals, including Korn, Placebo, Oasis, Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilots. It also developed a reputation which attracted partygoers from far and wide too, with its easygoing attitude and ‘anything goes’ vibe.

This summer the team behind the original Krazyhouse is getting ready to welcome new metal and rock venue K1 Metal Club.

This new incarnation at K1 Metal Club has involved a conversion of the former Camel Club, also on Wood Street, and previously home to a more relaxed and dance-orientated clientele. However, it will be time to turn the dials up during Liverpool’s most vibrant and busy season, as something far rockier will be taking its place.

A spokesperson for K1 Metal Club said: “Ever since The Krazyhouse closed down a few years back there hasn’t been a proper metal/rock club left in the city. There are plenty of one-off nights but there’s no singular club doing weekly events.

“For fans there has been nowhere left where you know that if you turn up there will always be a rock night happening.

“A few key people involved in The Krazyhouse from the 90’s through to the 2010’s met up a couple of months ago and started putting plans together for what would become the K1 Metal Club.

“After looking at what buildings were available to us, we decided straight away that the venue known as the Camel Club made the most sense.

“It is all part of the old Krazyhouse/Sloanes/Wilsons/Freewheelers building, so there is an awful lot of rock history in that place and on the same iconic street: there is so much history in those walls and we can’t wait to add to it.

“We think there is still a huge appetite for metal music in the city, across so many key demographics.

“As a team we want to cater to established fans by opening in the afternoon for those who don’t want to be staying out well past midnight.

“However, we won’t be closing early either! We know we will be hosting events for a wide age-range of audiences in this new venue.

“We welcome those who first turned up to The Krazyhouse back in the day, to new fans who really want a place where they can indulge their musical passions.

“We also anticipate being able to support fresh and up-and-coming talent, which our city has such a reputation for.

“To start off with, we are only planning on opening on Saturdays, but we’re hoping it won’t be too long until we can open more often.

“We are already looking at other nights and working out ideas. We’re even already got options to add more rooms! Most of all, we look forward to providing a really unique space which the legendary Liverpool music scene is crying out for.”

The launch event is on Saturday, June 29, 2024, doors open at 3 pm. K1 Metal Club is located at 18 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4AQ.