SCHOOL pupils were enthralled as they met an explorer who has taken on adventures across the globe.

James Ketchell dropped in at St Julie Catholic Primary School in Eccleston to share some of his stories from around the world.

James has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, climbed Everest and travelled around the globe twice, firstly using a gyrocopter and, secondly, on a bicycle.

Teachers say children expanded their geography knowledge through learning about some of the places James has visited while also hearing valuable life lessons about facing adversity and showing kindness, resilience, hope and respect.

St Helens Star: James spoke to pupils about his travels and challengesJames spoke to pupils about his travels and challenges (Image: St Julies Primary School)

Teacher Clair Kernick said: “James’s talk fit perfectly with our core school values and I watched as the children listened intently to him talking; enthralled by his stories, photos and video clips.

"I heard many of the children talking afterwards about things that they wanted to do and their hopes for the future and things they might like to achieve.”

James is preparing to embark on his next adventure in September. This will see him attempt to sail solo around the world.

St Helens Star: Pupils were enthralled by the talkPupils were enthralled by the talk (Image: St Julies Primary School)

St Helens Star: A thumbs up from pupils who check out inside James' tentA thumbs up from pupils who check out inside James' tent (Image: St Julies Primary School)

Through on-board technology, the children will be able to track his progress on his journey and join some live video chats with him.

Head teacher, Anne Hodgson, added: “James encapsulated in an hour what we spend years instilling in our children and was able to bring empathy and inspiration through his first-hand experiences of challenge and adversity.”