TODAY is the deadline for residents in St Helens to register to vote in upcoming regional elections.

What elections are people in St Helens voting in?

There are no local elections in the borough this year, with the council now on an all-out system with a vote taking place in 2022. The next local elections in St Helens are scheduled for 2026.

Meanwhile, a general election is expected to be held at some point in 2024, possibly in the autumn, although the date for this has not yet been announced.

However, there are elections for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor and Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) taking place on Thursday, May 2, 2024 which residents can vote in.

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The votes will see the city region mayor Steve Rotheram, and Merseyside's PCC Emily Spurrell, both of Labour, seeking re-election to the positions. 

Who are the candidates?

Liverpool City Region Mayoral election candidates

  • Tom Crone - The Green Party
  • Jade Louise Marsden - The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Rob McAllister Bell - Liberal Democrats
  • Steve Rotheram - Labour Party
  • Ian Edward Smith - Independent

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner election candidates

  • Christopher Carubia (Liberal Democrats)
  • Amanda Onwuemene (Green Party)
  • Emily Spurrell (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Bob Teesdale (The Conservative Party)

Do you need to register to vote?

A recent online poll by St Helens Borough Council asked residents about their voting preparedness, preferences and familiarity with the changes to voting nationally, which local voters will experience for the first time.

Among those who responded to the poll 92 per cent said they are registered to vote - if you aren't registered to vote or you have moved house, do so by midnight on Tuesday, April 16, to participate in the Combined Authority Mayoral and PCC elections. It's quick and can be done online at with your date of birth and National Insurance number.

St Helens Star: There are no local elections in St Helens in 2024 - but there are regional mayoral and PCC votes taking place There are no local elections in St Helens in 2024 - but there are regional mayoral and PCC votes taking place (Image: Stock)

Are there postal votes?

55 per cent of respondents said they planned to vote in a polling station while 42 per cent preferred postal voting - if you'd prefer to vote by post, complete an application and return it by 5pm on Wednesday, April 17. This can be done online at

Postal voters can expect their postal packs from April 20. 

If you miss the last post date, you can still hand in your completed postal vote pack at a polling station on polling day or at St Helens Town Hall, but you will now need to complete further documentation at your drop off point. You can hand deliver no more than five postal vote packs plus your own postal vote for each election.

Do I need voter ID?

In the poll, 83 per cent of respondents were aware of the new requirement to present photo ID (called voter ID) at a polling station, but 73 per cent did not know that you can use an expired ID, as long as the photo still looks like you. This could be a driving license, passport, Blue Badge or Government-funded travel pass - local passes can't be used. For a full list of accepted forms of voter ID visit

And if you don't have a valid form of voter ID (should be pretty rare) you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate at Apply by 5pm on April 24, 2024 to get a Voter Authority Certificate for the May 2 elections.

Polling stations

St Helens Star: Polling stationPolling station (Image: free)

Your polling station may have changed since the last time you voted. You can check where you'll be voting at

Proxy votes

If you can't get to your polling station on election day you can apply for a proxy vote, as long as you are registered to vote and have provided a reason. A proxy vote means asking another person to go to your polling station on your behalf.

To vote by proxy in the Combined Authority Mayoral and PCC elections, submit your application by 5pm on Wednesday, April 24.

  • For more information about voting and the upcoming elections visit