PLANS for a new property have been submitted to St Helens Council.

An outline application proposing one dwelling house – with some matters reserved except for access and layout – at the Windlehurst Lodge site, on Hard Lane, has been put forward.

It is currently “awaiting decision”.

The planning statement says the application site is “shown as unallocated” on the St Helens Local Plan proposals map.

“However, there are numerous dwellings located in this area of the borough,” it adds.

“In addition, the site is not restricted by any other land use constraints and is sustainably located with access to a range of schools, local services, and shops.

“To summarise the above planning statement and taking all relevant and material planning considerations into account, we consider that this statement and the supporting plans, positively demonstrate that the proposed development would maintain and enhance the character of the area, without causing any other demonstrable harm to the character of the area, the local street scene or towards any nearby residential amenity.

“As such and taking all the material planning considerations into account, we consider that the proposals for the site are wholly appropriate and will deliver a range of sustainable economic, social, and environmental benefits.”