THERE were 292 babies born at Whiston Hospital in February 2024 – did you welcome a new arrival?

Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust collates all the baby-related data every month detailing how many babies are born – boys and girls – whether there are any sets of twins or triplets and how babies are delivered.

There are stats for the number of babies born in the delivery suite and in sapphire suite

as well as the how many new arrivals experienced skin to skin within an hour of birth.

They also record the busiest day each month for births.

There were 292 babies born at Whiston Hospital last month – 156 boys and 136 girls.

There were four sets of twins and 268 babies experienced skin to skin straight after being born.

Some 183 were vaginal births with 109 caesarean sections and 275 babies were born in the delivery suite with 13 babies born in sapphire suite.

There were four home births and ten water births.

February 16 and 21 were the busiest days of the month with 14 babies being welcomed into the world.

There were 292 babies born in St Helens in February

There were 292 babies born in St Helens in February

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