THIS Easter, visitors to Knowsley Safari Park can visit the venue’s latest arrivals – two Andean Bears, who are making the site their home.

The Star was invited to visit the new enclosure, called Bear Country, which is now home to Bahia ad Chui (short for Quechua), a species that inspired Paddington Bear.

The bear enclosure will welcome visitors from Good Friday, March 29 and people will immediately be able to see differences between the pair.

At 140kg, male Chui is twice the weight and size of female Bahia, who weighs a modest 69kg.

St Helens Star: Chui Chui (Image: Knowsley Safari Park)

The bears’ new habitat has platforms for them to play and feed on and plenty of trees, which they enjoy climbing.

They are also enjoying chomping on bamboo sticks filled with honey and peanut butter and cracking open coconuts.

And after a busy day, Bahia and Chui can recharge in their house with wood wool-filled nest boxes.

Bear Country is equipped with interactive learning opportunities and informative signage for guests to learn about this special and very rare species.

Here is what Carnivore keeper Kirsti McCormick, had to say on the new arrivals.


St Helens Star: Bahia and ChuiBahia and Chui (Image: Knowsley Safari Park)

Where are they from?

Andean bears are mostly found in South America’s high elevation humid forests including Peru and Bolivia.

What makes them different and why are they at risk?

Andean Bears - also known as Spectacled Bears due to their light brown facial markings - are unfortunately at risk of extinction and listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with potentially as few as 2,500 mature individuals remaining.

The bears are under threat from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict, including poaching. Why is their arrival at Knowsley Safari important?

St Helens Star: BahiaBahia (Image: newsquest)

Knowsley Safari is hopeful Bahia and Chui’s arrival, will help conserve and protect the future of these placid-natured bears.

The conservation team is working in partnership with Peru-based Spectacled Bear Conservation Society, to provide support with educational materials, habitat protection and provision of state-of-the-art radio collars for the bears to wear, which will provide data on behaviour and habitat use, including proximity to human settlements and help track population numbers.

What is Bahia and Chui’s background?

Bahia and Chui arrived from Jersey Zoo, where they lived for ten years and had cubs together previously.For further information about Knowsley Safari’s Andean Bears, please visit:

What the park says and how to book to see them

Lucy Petrie, Carnivore Animal Manager, Knowsley Safari, says: “We’re really pleased with how quickly Bahia and Chui have settled in at Knowsley and we’re looking forward to educating visitors about these very special bears.

“During the Easter holidays, we’ll be offering interactive experiences including talks, touch tables and activities to educate and inspire everyone who visits. Guests will be able to observe Bahia and Chui while learning about the conservation methods we’re using to help protect their relatives in the wild.”

St Helens Star: ChuiChui (Image: NQ)

It’s an action-packed bear-themed family day out at Knowsley Safari this Easter as guests will also be able to take part in an Easter-themed Bear Hunt, including puzzles, photo opportunities and prizes – all included in the main admission price.

Tickets cost from £22.50 per person. For further information and to book please visit