IN a bid to challenge stereotypes about ageing, St Helens is gearing up for an exciting event: an Intergenerational Hip Hop Taster Day taking place tomorrow.

Set to take place on Wednesday, March 20, from 3pm to 6pm, this unique event invites children to bring along a family member aged 50 or above for an afternoon of hip-hop exploration and fun.

Organised as part of Age Without Limits Action Day and generously funded by The Centre for Better Ageing, the Intergenerational Hip Hop Taster Day aims to transform perceptions of older adults while creating cherished memories for all ages of the family to enjoy.

Participants can look forward to an array of workshop activities that celebrate hip-hop culture.

From trying their hand at DJing and experimenting with graffiti art (using posca pens or spray paint) to learning the art of Break Dancing, which will be set to a beginners level. Additionally, kids can unleash their energy with parkour and circus skills activities, ensuring a day filled with excitement and creativity for the whole family.

Tom Glyn said: "We're thrilled to host our Intergenerational Hip Hop Taster Day as part of our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and vibrant community,".

"This event is not just about learning new skills; it's about fostering connections between different generations and challenging stereotypes about ageing.

“We believe that by coming together through hip-hop, we can build stronger bonds and create lasting memories. Not many people can reminisce about the time their grandparents learned to scratch on the DJ decks with them"

The event promises to be a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone, With Hip Hop arts serving as the backdrop, families will have the opportunity to share laughs, learn from one another, and make special moments.

For those interested in joining the festivities, the free event will take place at Haydock Conservative Club, Bellerophon Way, Haydock, St Helens WA11 0GT from 3pm to 6pm.

There is no need to book, drop in at any time and everyone will get the chance to learn a Hip Hop art, you’re never too old to give it a go.

For any questions, please contact Powered by Hip Hop at or visit powerbyhiphop on Facebook/Instagram