WHEN you’ve lost a loved one, birthdays, Christmas and other special events can be a difficult time.

Next Sunday, March 10 is Mother's Day – the day we thank all the important female figures in our lives, whether it’s mums, grannies, aunties or family friends.

But we know there are many of our readers whose mums have sadly passed away, so we are giving you the chance to remember them by sharing your own special messages.

If your mum is no longer with us, we’d like you to share a photo and a few words telling us why she was so important to you and we’ll include them in a special feature online this Mother's Day as well as a selection in next week's St Helens Star.

Use the link below to post your message.

Please include a clear photograph - no filtered pictures or montages – their full names, where in St Helens they lived and your special message.

We will not be able to use any submissions that have missing information.