THREE men and a woman from St Helens have been charged as part of a police operation targeting domestic abuse.

Officers, led by Merseyside Police’s Protecting Vulnerable People unit travelled across the region as part of Operation Cassia, to arrest suspects in relation to recent and historical alleged cases of domestic abuse.

Ten arrests were made and police have named suspects they have since charged, including four from St Helens.

Christian Adamson, 34, of Penny Lane, Haydock has been charged with two counts of malicious communication, harassment, a breach of a sexual risk order and two counts of threats to disclose private images. He appeared at South Sefton Magistrates this morning and was remanded into custody.

Craig Plumbley, 40, of Chadwick Road, Haresfinch, has been charged with assault with intent to resist arrest. He was conditionally bailed and will next appear at St Anne Street Police Station on May 18, 2024.

Christopher James, 37, of Chamberlain Street, West Park, has been charged with false imprisonment and actual bodily harm and assault. He was remanded into custody.

Megan Kintas, 23, of Holly Bank Street, Pocket Nook, was charged with grievous bodily harm (GBH). She was conditionally bailed and will appear at South Sefton Magistrates Court on February 29, 2024.

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Meanwhile, elsewhere, Steven Walsh, 36, of no fixed address, has been charged with breaches of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. He was remanded into custody and will next appear at St Anne Street Police Station on May 17, 2024.

Adam Fox, 40, of Brougham Avenue, Tranmere, has been charged with three counts of breaching a non-molestation order and was remanded to attend Merseyside Domestic Violence Remand Court this morning.  

Steven Parry, aged 61, of Whetstone Lane, Tranmere, has been charged with harassment, stalking and breach of a court order and was remanded to attend Merseyside Domestic Violence Remand Court this morning.  

Two men have also been bailed pending further enquiries and another has been warned to voluntary attend a police station.

'Targeting domestic abuse suspects a priority'

Detective Chief Inspector Sue Hinds said: “Targeting perpetrators of domestic abuse is a priority for Merseyside Police and we have been working hard behind the scenes to gather evidence and build a case against each of them. These days of action are only a snapshot of what our officers do every day to relentlessly seek out those involved in such crimes and offer justice for victim-survivors.

“The operation targeted outstanding suspects of domestic violence and those we believe are responsible for recent domestic abuse against their partners, ex-partners and family members.

“Domestic abuse isn’t just physical – it can be emotional, sexual, financial or controlling behaviour. It can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. Some of the signs of domestic abuse, such as physical marks, may be easy to identify but others may be things you can easily explain away or overlook.

“Often victims are either in a relationship with the perpetrator or have been historically, it can therefore be very hard for them to report what has been going on. They might still love their abuser, feel loyal to them, are protecting their children or are simply living in fear.”

Detective Chief Inspector Hinds added: “Merseyside Police is determined to break that cycle of abuse where perpetrators continue to commit crime after crime against their victim thinking that every time they do, they are less likely to get caught. 
“Please talk to us or the partners we work with if you are a victim of domestic abuse, so we can protect you or anyone that does come forward and take decisive action against abusers. Together we can help you overcome the cycle of domestic abuse.”