A NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD man charged with wounding and dangerous driving after a police officer was injured after trying to stop a car has made a first appearance in court.

Marshall Smith appeared at Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (February 21) to face the charges.

Police said that at around 11.45pm, on April 16, last year, officers approached a car travelling on the East Lancashire Road in St Helens after they noticed it was carrying six people, one of whom was in the boot.

When one of the officers approached the driver’s door, it is alleged the driver of the vehicle attempted to drive off, police claim.

The officer tried to stop the car by opening the driver’s door.

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The driver of the vehicle allegedly drove off while the officer held on to the door which caused an injury to his right wrist.

The officer sustained a fractured wrist following the incident, police said.

A suspect was later identified and arrested.

Smith, of Waltersgreen Crescent, Golborne, appeared before the magistrates' Court this afternoon, Wednesday, February 21, charged with wounding of a police officer and dangerous driving.

During the hearing, magistrates sent the case to Liverpool Crown Court. 

Smith, 19, was granted unconditional bail and will next appear at the higher court on Wednesday, March 20.