RESIDENTS across Newton-le-Willows were left in the dark after a power outage yesterday evening.

A power cut hit properties across the WA12 postcode area.

Residents said the outage hit on Wednesday evening, February 7.

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Electricity North West confirmed there was a power cut in Newton-le-Willows.

They said the matter was resolved at 10.26pm.

Which postcodes were affected?

WA12 0DT, WA12 0DR, WA12 8PY, WA12 9TJ, WA12 8RG, WA12 9TN, WA12 9SL, WA12 9TW, WA12 0BQ, WA12 9XF, WA12 9TS, WA12 9GP, WA12 9UG, WA12 9TE, WA12 9RG, WA12 9FX, WA12 0EA, WA12 0EQ, WA12 9TF, WA12 8RP, WA12 9UN, WA12 9UA, WA12 8ET, WA12 9TR, WA12 0EG, WA12 8PX, WA12 8EY, WA12 9RT, WA12 9FW, WA12 8PZ, WA12 8QX, WA12 0BZ, WA12 9PX, WA12 0DY, WA12 8PT, WA12 8SE, WA12 9TB, WA12 8RF, WA3 7EP, WA12 9TH, WA12 8RD, WA12 0DU, WA12 0DQ, WA12 9FY, WA12 9UQ, WA12 9TQ, WA12 9SX, WA12 8RT, WA12 9RF, WA12 8HD, WA12 8EG, WA12 9SZ, WA12 0DE, WA12 8PS, WA12 9JE, WA2 8ST, WA12 8QA, WA12 9UT, WA12 8QZ, WA12 8RQ, WA12 9TL, WA12 0DG, WA12 9SQ, WA12 0AA, WA12 8QW, WA12 9UJ, WA12 8EX, WA12 9UP, WA12 8EU, WA12 0EF, WA12 9UZ, WA12 8HX, WA12 8EP, WA12 9SD, WA12 0DX, WA12 8PU, WA12 8QT, WA12 9JD, WA12 8RA, WA12 9XG, WA12 0LY, WA12 9UU, WA12 8ES, WA12 9XA, WA12 8QJ, WA12 9RE, WA12 8HE, WA12 8QU, WA12 9TA, WA12 8SF, WA12 9TD, WA12 0BL, WA12 9SN, WA12 9RP, WA12 9SP, WA12 9XR, WA12 9SF, WA12 9UD, WA12 9RZ, WA12 0EE, WA12 0BH, WA12 0BY, WA12 0BS, WA12 8QY, WA12 0EW, WA12 0BU, WA12 8PP, WA2 8SU, WA12 9SR, WA12 0BG, WA12 9UR, WA12 0BN, WA12 8RR, WA12 0LZ, WA12 9UX, WA12 8RH, WA12 9GQ, WA12 8ST, WA12 8RB, WA12 9JG, WA12 9TP, WA12 9UY, WA12 8HB, WA12 8QS, WA12 8QL, WA12 0BJ, WA12 8JE, WA12 9RX, WA12 0BX, WA12 0DP, WA12 0NB, WA12 0EB, WA3 1PG, WA12 0NA, WA12 9SU, WA12 9TZ, WA12 9RR, WA12 8RW, WA12 9UL, WA12 8HF, WA12 0DF, WA12 9SW, WA12 9TG, WA12 9UH, WA12 9ND, WA12 0B, WA12 8NB, WA12 9ST, WA12 ODQ, WA12 0DD, WA2 7EA, WA12 8BE, WA12 0LN, WA12 8JA, WA12 8LW, WA12 8LN, WA12 9NY