A DISEASED tree has been cut down close to the drive range entrance of Sherdley Park, the council has confirmed.

The Star was contacted by a number of concerned residents after tree cutting vehicles were spotted near the entrance of the park and the tree – which has now been cut down to a stump.

St Helens Star: The tree in question

Fears related to the chestnut trees at the site which residents were concerned had been felled due to road works in the area.

However, following questions from the Star, the council has confirmed that one tree has been cut down due to disease, with the other remaining in situ.

A St Helens Borough Council spokesperson said: “Following a routine inspection, the council has arranged for a diseased horse chestnut tree to be removed from Sherdley Park because it is structurally unsafe, posing a risk to the public should we experience anymore stormy weather.

“The council is committed to maintaining and increasing tree coverage across the borough, with grant funding secured to plant 246 heavy standard trees and a further 8,325 smaller trees across the borough over the current winter period.”