Consumer champion Martin Lewis urged millions of Brits to check if they are eligible for £3,500+ a year.

The Martin Lewis Money Show star highlighted the importance of Attendance Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions DWP in this week's Money Saving Expert newsletter and weekly email.

A member of the public called Philip recently contacted Lewis, detailing his and his wife's eight-month struggle.

The couple then applied for an Attendance Allowance last month, and told Money Saving Expert that the extra £68 per week they can now get makes their lives “just a little bit easier in difficult times”.

Martin wrote on Money Saving Expert: "In December, I wrote an alert to all pensioners after our report with Policy in Practice identified up to 1.1m pensioners were missing out on £3,500+ a year because they don't claim Attendance Allowance (a payment to help cover costs of pensioners who need someone to 'attend to' them).

"It's the first time we've covered this in detail on MSE, and it coincided with launching our new Attendance Allowance (AA) guide.

"I'm delighted to say the results are starting to come in..." Philip recently emailed: "Dear Martin & all at MSE, I'm not sure if being ill enough to qualify for Attendance Allowance can be classed as success, but £68 each week certainly does not come amiss!

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"Despite struggling on for 8 months, it never occurred to my wife and I that she might qualify for help until reading about it on MSE.

"We applied mid-Dec and received positive notification today. Thank you - you have made our lives just a little bit easier in difficult times."

It isn't means-tested and is instead for pensioners who need some daily living help.

There's no specific conditions list. It can be a mental or physical disability/illness - what counts is its impact on you.