A MAN who works at Knowsley Safari Park and stars in a Channel 4 docuseries, has said how watching the show has made him "really proud".

Pete Johnson is Deputy Team Manager of the Carnivores at Knowsley Safari Park.

He started at the Safari Park in 2010 as an intern on a work placement for his undergraduate degree and got a permanent role there in 2014.

In his current position, Pete oversees the daily management of the carnivore species at the Safari Park, as well as managing the carnivore team, overseeing daily operations and supporting the Carnivore Team Manager.

Pete, from Wirral, features in all six episodes of the new prime time Channel 4 docuseries, Secret Life of the Safari Park, which airs every Thursday at 8pm.

St Helens Star: The faces of the showThe faces of the show (Image: Knowsley Safari)

Speaking about the camera following him at work, Pete said how "everyone was a bit wooden at first".

He said: "It felt like you were being watched because they would just follow you around and be your shadow but then you just got used to them.

"They were really great guys and after a while you get pally and forget about the camera. They really know how to get the best out of you."

34-year-old Pete looks after all the carnivores, which range from lions to tigers to baboons and meerkats.

St Helens Star: PetePete (Image: Channel 4)

Four episodes of the show have aired to date and during the six-part series, viewers will see Pete involved in stories pertaining to the lions, tigers, baboons, bush gods and in the Ted and Sam saga that has kept the audience captivated.

He added: "The show is amazing. It has come across really well and the park looks fantastic. 

"They’ve been really honest with our stories and the situations we face.

"It’s made us all really proud. It’s heartening because they just represented us so well and what we do so well, it’s a beautiful thing."

To watch Pete in action, visit here.