NEW series Sexy Beast – partly filmed at St Helens Police Station – is set to air on Thursday.

Sexy Beast - a prequel to the 2000 gangster classic Sexy Beast - saw film crews take over Birchley Street car park back in November 2022 and is set to air on Paramount + on Thursday, January 25.

In 2000, Ray Winstone slathered on the suntan oil in Jonathan Glazer’s crime thriller Sexy Beast, portraying retired British criminal Gary “Gal” Dove who wagers his new life in the Spanish sun on the successful outcome of a daredevil robbery back in London masterminded by crime boss Teddy Bass (Ian McShane).

St Helens Star:

An eight-part prequel – with the first episode airing today - turns back the clock to the 1990s to explore the relationship between thief Gal (James McArdle) and kingpin Teddy (Stephen Moyer) as the two men assiduously build their reputations in London’s criminal underworld.

Teddy and Stan Higgins (Paul Kaye) employ accomplice Don Logan (Emun Elliott) to pressurise Gal into assembling a crack team for a series of demanding jobs that attract the attention of rival gangs.

The stakes are high and Gal’s focus wavers when he meets renowned adult actress Deedee Harrison (Sarah Greene).

She intoxicates him and wedding bells prepare to chime just as Gal finds himself more isolated than ever in an unforgiving dog-eat-dog world.

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