A Channel 4 series about Knowsley Safari is to continue airing with a new episode being released this week.

The third episode of Secret Life of the Safari Park will continue focussing on the Safari’s extraordinary animals, the keepers who care for them and some of the – often hilarious – 500,000+ guests who visit the popular Safari each year.

Here’s what you can expect in the next episode of the series.

What to expect in the next episode of Secret Life of the Safari Park

The episode will be narrated by Lancashire actress Maxine Peake and viewers can expect to see one of Knowsley’s South African white rhinos and a young bull as they attempt to mate, according to Radio Times.

St Helens Star: Knowsley Safari staff feature in the documentaryKnowsley Safari staff feature in the documentary (Image: Knowsley Safari)

The keepers will be looking out for clues that show whether the middle-aged white rhino Meru is still fertile.

Also in the episode, Bobby the baby baboon struggles to open one of his eyes, making staff think he could be partially blind.

It doesn’t stop there though as an ostrich named M loses a toenail and faces amputation to prevent the spread of infection.

In the previous episode, Knowsley Safari shared that it has partnered with Wildcats Conservation Alliance to launch a three-year fundraising campaign called Roar For Amur which aims to help protect the future of Amur tigers in their native habitat of China.

Viewers saw the loss of one of Knowsley’s Amur tigers Sinda who was fatally bitten by her male mating companion Miron.

Fatal injuries during the mating process of Amur tigers are common in the wild and Sinda’s death has left the team at Knowsley deeply upset as she had been in their care since 2010.

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How to watch Secret Life of the Safari Park

The next episode is the third of the sixth to be released and if you want to find out more about the safari park and the animals that live there, here’s how you can tune in.

Secret Life of the Safari Park will air on Thursday, January 18 at 8pm on Channel 4.

Those who miss it can catch up with the episode and the rest of the series on Channel 4 streaming.