A THRILLER by an Oscar-winning writer which discusses class divides and the damage of lies has a main character hailing from Prescot.

Saltburn follows the story of working-class Oliver Quick from Prescot (Barry Keoghan) who is a socially awkward square peg in the polished round hole of Oxford University.

There, wealth and privilege are flaunted and outsiders such as Oliver are rudely dismissed without a chance to prove their worth.

A random act of kindness by dashing aristocrat Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) grants Oliver access to rarefied circles much to the annoyance of Felix’s spiteful cousin Farleigh Start (Archie Madekwe).

Tensions come to a head, and all is not as it seems.

St Helens Star:

Without giving too much away, the movie on Amazon Prime from Emerald Fennell has caused quite a stir, with the main character hailing from local town.

Reaction has been strong to the film, with Keoghan being nominated for a Golden Globe for his role. 

Online reaction includes: