JOHNNY Vegas is returning for a new season of his Channel 4 glamping show, as cameras follow the development of his campsite.

Thatto Heath's Vegas, 51, opened his glamping site on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales after two years of work, during which he and his assistant Bev Dixon overcame a series of setbacks.

Channel 4 are set to air another series of Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping, which will follow Johnny and Dixon as they navigate the challenges of expanding the site and developing the business from January 24.

An old Maltese bus named after Vegas’s late mother Patricia featured heavily during previous series.

St Helens Star:

Vegas and assistant Bev Dixon with the renovated Maltese bus named Patricia, after Vegas’s mother, which is available for glamping guests to stay in (Channel 4/Plum Pictures/PA)

The glamping site opened in 2021 and initially proved successful.

However, due to planning restrictions, expansion of the original site at Breaks Fold Farm was not possible, leaving Vegas and Dixon with the task of hunting for a new home for the eclectic collection of repurposed vehicles.

Announcing the news online Bev Dixon said: "Delighted to confirm that Series 2 of Carry on Glamping is going to start on Wednesday, January 24 at 9pm on Channel 4. 

"And you don't need to wait until next week to watch more, as the next episode will be out on the Thursday!

"No bus crashes this time - but trust's not all plain sailing! Hope you like it!"

St Helens Star:

Vegas will spend series two of the show searching for a new location for his glamping site (Isabel Infantes/PA)