A ST HELENS dentist and reality TV star is helping to combat children’s dental health.

Cosmetic dentist Hanna Kinsella, owner of Kiln Lane Dental, is making a documentary to show how tooth decay is a ‘completely preventable’ disease.

In the film 'Little Smiles', the mum-of-two, who starred in The Real Housewives of Cheshire, will showcase her work and offer families practical tips to improve their children’s oral care.

Hanna, 35, a practising dentist, said: “Being a mum myself, I can relate to parents and their struggles.

“The more information that people have access to and the more education around the subject, the better."

The programme will look into Hanna's profession, providing a glimpse of her dedicated work with children.

The film will also follow Hanna's own journey as a mum and how she instills oral health practices within her own family.

Hanna and husband Martin, a cosmetic surgeon specialising in anti-aging, have a son Max, and daughter Kimia.

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Viewers can expect to see Hanna use her professional knowledge as a dentist and personal experiences as a mum to help educate and inform parents on the importance of looking after young teeth.

She feels passionate about Britain’s growing crisis of decay in children.

Hanna said: “It’s really nice to go on camera and talk about something I feel so passionate about.

“I’ve worked on reality TV and it’s a very different style of filming, but I’m particularly excited about this because it’s my area of expertise.

“To go on camera and talk about this solely has been really refreshing.

“I think it’s really important to raise awareness of oral health in children.

“I think nowadays there’s so many hidden sugars in children’s snacks, and ultimately this is the reason that we are still seeing such high numbers of tooth decay in children.

“Tooth decay is a completely preventable disease so the more information people have access to, the better.”

“I think being a mum myself, I really do understand the struggles parents face.

“The more support and help I can give parents, the better the outcome will be.”

Sam Tullen, former CBBC star and producer at Doco Studios, said: “We’re really excited to have worked with Hanna on this documentary.

“It’s an incredibly important subject and one that affects countless families across the UK.

“Hanna's expertise as a dentist and her personal experiences as a mother adds a really unique perspective.

“When we approached Hanna with the idea for this film, she responded almost immediately with a yes.

“I think that’s a testament to how passionate she is about this subject.

“This documentary is simply a reminder to parents everywhere to take their children’s oral health seriously.”

The 30-minute film will be released on YouTube early next year.