IT'S the time of the year for a good old party.

And while the younger ones among us have been hitting the nightspots of St Helens such as Imperial, The Church and Cinema bar, there are those of older generations who will be reminiscing on festive nights out of the past "when they were young".

St Helens had a thriving nightlife scene back in the day, with the biggest nights out with friends often centred around New Year's Eve, 

It was time to hit the dance floor, party the night away and, maybe, strike up a romance.

Last year we asked what was the best nightclub across town back in the day and your responses poured in – with more than 900 comments on the Star’s Facebook page.

So we're re-publishing some of those memories again aboutt the venues that pulled in the crowds through from the sixties to the noughties.

St Helens Star: The dancefloor at NexusThe dancefloor at Nexus

Recollections reflect the era that the reader was "out on the town", so the responses ranged from memories of the 60s with the original Plaza right to the noughties when Nexus was regarded as the place to go.

Many of the clubs were actually the same building which changed identity through the years.

For instance the Plaza (famous for hosting the Beatles in the 60s) went on to become Cindy’s and Lowies before returning to the Plaza.

St Helens Star:

In no particular order - here’s some of the nightclubs suggested by readers and a few memories.

It’s by no means an exhaustive list and if you’d like to tell us of others or share memories please complete the form below.

  • With thanks to Dex Nelson and Facebook group St Helens Nightclubs, Discotheques and Venues Past for imagery



Located next to the Citadel building, Park Lane was one of the places to be in the 1980s and it generated plenty of feedback from our readers.

One wrote: “I worked in Park Lane for a year to top up my college grant, OMG that was 38yrs ago. We all had to wear silly French maid uniforms.

“I had a lovely friend I made there who was also a barmaid, she was about 6ft, blonde and very pretty and came from Parr.

“She really looked after me and taught me the ropes.

“There was a Scouser on the door who was a good laugh. The 2 marks washing glasses behind the bar. Cocktail bar upstairs and Shane the chef making chicken in a basket.”

Another added: “Park Lane definitely it’s where I met my hubby nearly 38 yrs ago.”

Another read commented: “I met my husband there 35 years ago, some of the best nights out spent there then, the long walk home to Rainhill.”


St Helens Star:

Park Lane would later become Martines, a club in the nineties which was later occupied by the Maloney’s cocktail bar.


Crystals on Ormskirk Street arrived in the 1980s with the ambition of being more of an upmarket venue.

We’re not sure that lasted - and like other venues - it became known for its "sticky carpets". There were plenty who loved its atmosphere though.

Among them was one reader, who told us: “Has to be Crystals down to earth club good times and great memories.”


Cindy’s on Duke Street took over from the Plaza and was the major nightclub of the 70s.

One reader said: “Cindy's, loved it ❤️, used to live for Friday and Saturday nights in there, brilliant memories xx”

St Helens Star:

Again though it can’t just be a case of looking back with rose-tinted glasses, as the club (and other venues) saw plenty of fisticuffs.

READ>When Cindy's was the big night out in St Helens

One reader quipped: "I had been to clubs all over the North West before I met my bride who was from St Helens, she took me to Cindy's, it was like a wild west saloon, a fight every 5 minutes, I thought it was a floorshow.”


THE PLAZA (1960s)

An iconic venue which will forever be associated with the live music scene, as it hosted The Beatles in their early years.

In the 60s it was a place of music, dance and finding romance.

One reader said: “The Plaza, Duke St. Went 3 times a week, loved it, great memories."

Another added: "Plaza had some great times rocking there.”

One music fan said: “Plaza, the undertakers Jerry, The Beatles.

“Even bumped into John and Paul asking me where the best pub was told them the Lingholme up the road.”


The successor to Cindy’s. One of the big attractions in the 1990s when the town had a busy nightclub scene, which included Appleby’s, Reflections, Martines and Crystals.

St Helens Star:

A reader told us: “Lived for Lowies at the weekends, it was fab!! 😘♥️"

Remember the long queues that would form around the white building?

THE PLAZA (1990s)

Dubbed the "Purple Palace" after Lowies was given a new identity (and a garish exterior paint job) in the late nineties.

St Helens Star:

This was the famous Oxford building’s final throw as a nightclub and went on to become the Orange House pub.


Inside the Imperial Buildings, “Apps” which also had previous identities (including Pepe’s), was one for the younger crowd, in an era when Apps or Lowies where the places to be. With sticky carpets, a smokey atmosphere and a buzzing dancefloor it was the first club many 90s teens encountered.

St Helens Star:

One Star reader told us: “Appleby’s on a Thursday Night 1990 - Gary Ousalace made it like the Hacienda. Was brilliant. Then off to Genos for a kebab.”

St Helens Star:

Another said: “Applebys - early 90s - Friday nights!

“I think Oceanic and 2 Unlimited played there once. I used to leave the club early hours dripping in sweat!

“30 years ago though! Blimey."

St Helens Star:


Inside the Chalon Court Hotel, this was styled as a more upmarket venue and there were plenty of fond memories shared by readers.

Gary Voysey wrote: “Chalon Court Hotel, 4+ great years as General Manager, brilliant team, beautiful customers, great memories."

St Helens Star:


Last but by no means least.

Plenty of nominations for this modern venue of Westfield Street, which was all shiny and sparkly - with none of those sticky carpets - when it arrived in the late 90s.

St Helens Star:

With its sweeping staircases, tiled floors and more open spaces it had a different feel to it than the other venues.

One reader wrote: “I can't count the amount of times I've stumbled down those Nexus stairs though or have to be carried down."