Have you ever wondered which celebrities were born on Christmas day?

Sharing your birthday with one of the biggest holidays of the year might not be all it's cracked up to be - with many people citing fewer presents as a reason for wishing their birthdays weren't at Christmas.

The Christian celebration marks the birth of Jesus Christ, however, whether or not He was actually born on December 25 is highly disputed.

Here are some of the most current celebrities that were born on Christmas day: 

Justin Trudeau

St Helens Star: Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau (PA)Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau (PA)

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was born on Christmas day in 1971. 

He has held office since 2015 and been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013, he is the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

Annie Lennox

St Helens Star: Annie Lennox (Ian West/PA)Annie Lennox (Ian West/PA)

Born on Christmas day in 1954 the Scottish singer-songwriter is best known for being a member of the hit 80s band the Eurythmics.

Some of her most successful songs include 'Sweet Dreams', 'There Must Be an Angel' and 'Here Comes the Rain Again'. 

Since then she has become a prominent political activist and philanthropist raising awareness and funds for a range of causes.

In 2010 she performed at the Rally for Human Rights during the International AIDS Conference in 2010 held in Vienna. 


Born in Kensington in 1971 Dido gained international success with her debut album No Angel which has sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. 

She has has an incredibly successful career with hits like 'White Flag' and 'Life for Rent'.

During her career she has been nominated for and won numerous awards including the Billboard Music Awards Top Adult Contemporary Track and multiple Brit Awards to name a few.

Chris Kamara

St Helens Star: Chris Kamara (LIa Toby/PA)Chris Kamara (LIa Toby/PA)

Another famous face celebrating his birthday on Christmas day is Chris Kamara.

The former professional footballer and football manager now works as a presenter and football analyst at Sky Sports.

Shane MacGowan

St Helens Star:

Pogues frontman, Shane MacGowan was also born on Christmas day, in Kent in 1957.

Between 1985 and 1987, MacGowan co-wrote 'Fairytale of New York', which he performed with Kirsty MacColl.

Helena Christensen

St Helens Star:

The 51-year-old Danish supermodel and photographer was born in Copenhagen in 1968. 

Helena Christensen is a former Victoria's Secret Angel, clothing designer and beauty queen appearing as Miss Universe Denmark in 1986.

She has a raised awareness for climate change and works tirelessly fundraising for breast cancer charities. 

Noel Hogan

The Cranberries lead guitarist and co-songwriter, Noel Hogan was born on December 25 1971.

The band went on to sell in excess of 40 million records worldwide, Noel has released eight albums with the Cranberries. 

After lead singer Dolores O'Riordan's death in 2018 Hogan confirmed that the Cranberries had disbanded after the release of the posthumous album In the End in 2019.

At the time he said: "The Cranberries without Dolores just isn't The Cranberries... we won't replace our friend and lead singer".

There are also a lot of celebs who celebrate their birthday on Christmas eve, including: 

Ricky Martin

St Helens Star: Ricky Martin (PA)Ricky Martin (PA)

The Puerto Rican singer best known for 'Living La Vida Loca' was born on Christmas eve in 1971.

Ricky Martin's solo music career started in 1991 but he has since worked as a songwriter, actor, author, record producer and a humanitarian. He has supported UNICEF's efforts in fighting for children's rights, especially in the area of child trafficking among many other worthy causes.

Lemmy Kilmister

St Helens Star: Lemmy (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/PA)Lemmy (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/PA)

Lemmy Kilmister, better known as Lemmy is best known as the founder, lead singer, bassist, primary songwriter and only continuous member of the rock band Motörhead.

Born on Christmas eve Lemmy sadly passed away in December 2015. 

Ryan Seacrest

St Helens Star: American Music Awards – Los Angeles (Ian West/PA)American Music Awards – Los Angeles (Ian West/PA)

The American radio personality, television host and producer was born in 1971.

He is best known for hosting American Idol as well as spin-off shows for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and more. 

Louis Tomlinson

St Helens Star: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson with landlady of The Woolpack, Dee Liberty-SparkOne Direction's Louis Tomlinson with landlady of The Woolpack, Dee Liberty-Spark

Member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson was born on Christmas eve in 1991. 

The star rose to fame whilst appearing on the X-Factor where he was eliminated and then bought back as a member of the band. 

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Ava Gardner

Born in 1922 Ava Gardner was an American actress and singer who first signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1941.

She become something of a sex symbol and icon, her most famous films include The Night of the Iguana and On The Beach.

Married three times he final marriage was in Frank Sinatra which was short lived from 1951 to 1957.

Ava died in 1990 at the age of 78.

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